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This Year's Christmas Decor (AKA The Hot Pink Christmas Tree Farewell Tour)

After three years proudly displaying the hot prink Christmas tree I fortuitously snagged at Goodwill, I'm officially ready to declare 2016 its final year. We've had a good run, this flamboyant Christmas hedge and I. But Luke's initial pleasant indifference has since morphed into a seething hatred, with increasingly disparaging critiques lobbed at it (blinding! garish! nuclear!) each passing year. And while I don't share this animosity, I do get bored rather easily.  

Three years is enough.

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My Pink Living Room: An Update

It's been almost two years since I decorated and documented my living room on the blog and I thought it might be interesting to show some of the changes that have taken place since. In some ways it feels like it wasn't really that long ago; I still clearly remember how bland the Before was. But in those occasional moments wherein I pause to ponder my painter's taped geometric pink accent wall, I think, ok, yeah, 2014 for sure. 

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A Valentine Tea Time

Regarding Valentine's Day, I think people generally fall into one of three categories: fleeting fondness, ambivalent acceptance, or abhorrent disdain. Before the confetti from New Year's has even settled, retailers begin their rosy assault. Shopping aisles that previously housed reasonable and practical goods switch to showcase an assortment of items now superfluously plastered with Valentine motifs – heart-emblazoned: bath mats and shower curtains, coffee mugs, sneakers, area rugs, mini mail boxes, flannel pjs. Do you ever wonder who is actually buying into it?

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