The Endless Summer Cocktail

There are two drinks I consider my signature cocktails – A Gin Gimlet and a French 75. Basically anything that tastes like juice and seems like Brigitte Bardot would coyly sip on it in the corner of a swanky Soho loft is totally my jam.  

All summer my friend Glenna has been making a deliciously refreshing cocktail she refers to as a variation on a French 75. I'm calling it the Endless Summer Cocktail because it's already the middle of September and I don't want it to end. 


Glenna's recipe: 

We're making this on the rocks, so start with some ice, then add a healthy (really healthy) portion of Gin. Follow with some Triple Sec to taste. 

Next, add the juice from 1/2 a lime. Go on, use a fork, really get in there and annihilate that guy.   


Finish it off with a splash of dry Champagne for that bubbly, crisp, refreshing "Ahhhh." 

Then bring it outside, add a sprig of organic fresh mint plucked from the earth, and enjoy with your super photogenic friends, dog, and a guitar.