This Year's Christmas Decor (AKA The Hot Pink Christmas Tree Farewell Tour)

After three years proudly displaying the hot prink Christmas tree I fortuitously snagged at Goodwill, I'm officially ready to declare 2016 its final year. We've had a good run, this flamboyant Christmas hedge and I. But Luke's initial pleasant indifference has since morphed into a seething hatred, with increasingly disparaging critiques lobbed at it (blinding! garish! nuclear!) each passing year. And while I don't share this animosity, I do get bored rather easily.  

Three years is enough.  

If I had my druthers and a mess of extra cash this holiday season I would've attempted a completely new decorating direction. As much as I gravitate to the #moreismore school of thought, I find myself appreciating simple, subdued, and understated more and more. And while I don't think I'll ever officially land in the minimalist camp, it's fun to stop and spend an overnight occasionally. 

This year I was really taken with the idea of a soft color palette of silver, gold, copper and blush – you know, just like the rest of the design blogosphere. As already alluded, I couldn't afford a new tree for the living room, but I did have this charming vintage aluminum 4 footer hanging around so decided to dress up the entryway a bit. 

It's simple, but pretty magical when the late afternoon sun beams in.

I've been holding on to this length of tinsel garland I picked up at a thrift store years ago; there always seems to be a spot for it. This year it got draped around the banister along with an on-hand strand of string lights. The downside to our entry is there are no outlets; this means for the bulk of the year the overhead fixture is the only light source – not especially charming. Thus, the ambient glow from the string lights (plugged in upstairs byway an unattractive orange extension cord) is a welcomed addition.  

Back in the living room I continued my attempt at restrained simplicity (in so much as a fiery hued fir can ever be restrained). Utilizing the same palette of mixed metallics and soft blush, I decked the branches with mostly ball ornaments and a few gold himmeli ornaments from last year.   

Then I topped it with this darling brass angel tree-topper discovered just a few weeks earlier at a thrift store. It's hard to tell from the pictures but it's cut from the thinnest sheets of brass in a sort of pop-up book style, with edges sharp enough for a Christmas massacre, and just special enough to warrant using for years to come.  

Across the way, the shelf I lovingly consider my mantel got a meek and mild dressing as well. In previous years I've gone all out with cascading multi-draped garlands and streamers and 4' stenciled plywood wreaths... But this is the year of restraint.  

A minimal layer of thin tinsel garland, a modest collection of brass candle holders, and a whole lot of white space create the look. I mean, I couldn't even be bothered with a real wreath!

I don't know, maybe it does just look like a wooden embroidery hoop arbitrarily dangling from a dispassionate ribbon, but I really wanted clean, uncluttered, and modern. And I think the cluster of eucalyptus dripping just-so grants the Christmas wreath allusion I was after.

I wasn't completely sure what to do on the narrow wall, but when I stumbled upon a roll of wrapping paper emblazoned in a grid of hot pink trees, a framed portion became the perfect subtle nod to the pink behemoth on the other side of the room.  

And that's it – 2016's understated Christmas decorations. Here's one last parting shot for the books. 

Farewell my fuchsia friend. It's been fun.