Tonally Traditional Family Room – The Intro

While E-Designs and smaller client shoots have been keeping me busy, it's been a bit since I've revealed a juicy full-on client makeover. Never fear! The wait is almost over! I'm just wrapping up work on a family room design for the Agullas and I'm super excited to show you soon!

For now, let's discuss where we started.


Adrianne and Charlie own a charming whitewashed brick colonial in an established Omaha neighborhood. They've lovingly updated and furnished the majority of the interior over time and one of the last remaining spaces on the to-do list was their family room. It's where their family spends the most time – lounging and watching movies together, battling it out at board games, or just enjoying the gorgeous light gleaming through those insane(!) corner windows. But being one of the last rooms to get updated meant it was carrying over some old furniture and stylings displaced from other rooms throughout the years (plus window treatments from a previous owner).  

Agulla Before - 10.jpg
Agulla Before - 11.jpg

As Adrianne and I chatted I got a better sense of where she hoped the space could go. Her aesthetic leans towards an updated traditional style with an appreciation for tranquil and soothing colors like blues and greens. Since it was the room where they'd primarily be watching movies and relaxing together it also needed to have a cozy vibe and at the top of her list was new seating that would easily accommodate that. Better lighting was also a major concern as there was no overhead lighting, and based on its proximity to the lush backyard, the room could often feel pretty dark. 

With all of this in mind I got to work filling the ol' Pinterest board with inspiration images a plenty. Here's a collection of some I sent Adrianne to make sure we were on the same page. 

I was after a traditional but still playful and whimsical vibe with rich blues and greys and hits of vibrant citron yellow/green for contrast. In truth I was originally hoping to inject a little more color and pattern into the design because, really, let's be honest, that's totally my jam, but it wasn't my client's.  

So after Adrianne voiced some of her concerns I revised the mood board to represent a still traditional, but more moody and restrained design. This time it was less focused on contrast and punches of color and instead on cooler hues close to each other on the color wheel – navy, charcoal, teal, and grey. Which is why I'm terming this project Tonally Traditional

It's definitely a departure from much of the other more saturated color-filled spaces I've designed, and certainly could've gone very boring.

Spoiler alert! It's not!

I'm excited to delve into more of the specifics and details, so check back soon!