Floor Plans and the Entry

Pardon the gross lack of precision, scale and accuracy.  This is the result of laughable computer skills attempting to create a 2D rendering of my home.

Also, how has it been four months since my last post? Bad, bad, new blogger.  In my defense, over the past few months there have been band tours, talks of moving (again), job-change conversations, side-work, more parties, and general late 20s/early 30s confusion and panic regarding the future. This will all unravel in upcoming blog posts I'm sure.

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The Move

For two years we lived in a ridiculously charming 1 bedroom apartment replete with tall ceilings, wide-plank hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and transom windows.  Adorable.  It was also the first place we'd lived where we finally felt we could have friends over, host parties, and generally live like grown ups.  We had a fairly hands-off landlord which allowed me decorating freedom for the first time.  It was great.

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