This Year's Christmas Decor (AKA The Hot Pink Christmas Tree Farewell Tour)

After three years proudly displaying the hot prink Christmas tree I fortuitously snagged at Goodwill, I'm officially ready to declare 2016 its final year. We've had a good run, this flamboyant Christmas hedge and I. But Luke's initial pleasant indifference has since morphed into a seething hatred, with increasingly disparaging critiques lobbed at it (blinding! garish! nuclear!) each passing year. And while I don't share this animosity, I do get bored rather easily.  

Three years is enough.

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Approachable Snow White

This is what happens when you put off thinking about your halloween costume until the night before the party. Despite my best intentions, I DO THIS EVERY YEAR! Fine, I've come to terms with my severe procrastination, and as such – after foraging through my closet and pilfering from Luke's – I present: The Unassuming and Oh So Approachable Snow White.

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