What a Nice Thing to SAY!

Given the chance, I’ll talk all day about Megan Pettipoole’s amazing design work. She’s a great listener who caught a vision for the look I wanted but wasn’t quite able to pull together on my own. She’s a tireless scout for vintage and estate-sale pieces that harmonized perfectly with our 1918-era house (without creating a too-antique look). She thoughtfully navigated the differences between my taste and my husband’s, hitting a sweet spot we both love. And she kept to our relatively small budget. And she did a great job communicating throughout the process. Everybody hire her.
— Darby W.
God gave you a gift to see and create beautiful spaces. We are thankful for your attention to detail and seeing beauty in little and unexpected things. We’re excited for memories to come in this room. Thanks for being a part!
— Whitney F.