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Living Room Gallery Wall

Right after Christmas whilst un-decking my halls, and officially determining this the final year for my hot pink Christmas tree, I realized I was ready to move on from our living room's pink accent wall as well. Something about a new year called for a fresh start and I was anxious for a cleaner slate. I dipped into a can of my trusted Valspar Du Jour and got to work erasing all traces of my 2014 color-crazed zeal. 

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On Creating in the Age of Self-Promotion

There's a bit of a precedent within the online design community to make life appear endlessly effortless, glossy, and polished. And mostly, I don't take issue with this. I enjoy the world of aspirational beauty with a side of clever marketing; I'm frequently complicit myself. But I'm cautious because to simply add to the life is just so great noise isn't helpful. What is helpful is authenticity in an age where it's so often packaged rather inauthentically. 

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5 Tips for Filling Your Home with Good Art (on the Cheap)!

I'm currently in the middle of revamping some thrift store art, just waiting on the new frames I ordered to arrive. If it works I'll have more inexpensive wall decor to add to our brimming collection.

There was definitely a time when it felt impossible to acquire interesting, but affordable art. I'm not just talking one-of-a-kind masterpieces; even stylish prints were out of reach. And sure, while I hope to eventually deck our walls with more significant pieces over time, for now I'm content with cheap vs. the naked alternative.

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