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Singing Loud for All to Hear – the Music That Keeps Me Merry

A few years ago I (rather melodramatically) bemoaned my love/hate, sometimes hate/hate, relationship with Christmas music. I like it, I do. I just tire of it very quickly. There are some people who soon as the clock strikes November 1st excitedly flip their car stereo over to the NONSTOP! 24/7! ALL CHRISTMAS, ALL THE TIME! station (read that in an annoying Radio Personality voice) and never look back. Me – once Thanksgiving’s last morsel of Pumpkin Pie has been devoured – I’m cautiously excited to tip my toe into holiday harmonies byway the above playlist. It’s nothing novel, just comprised of only songs by artists I’d choose to listen to any old day of the year.

But sometimes a playlist won’t do and I just want that true LP experience. Here are the albums that always keep me merry.

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A Homespun Christmas – Holiday House Tour 2017

I don't consider myself a particularly crafty individual. I do appreciate a good DIY, but only when a ready-made solution isn't cost-effective or aesthetically superior. But there's something about Christmastime that inevitably taps into some repressed get-out-the-glue-gun-and-sequins-and-construction-paper facet of my nature. This year was no exception. In fact, our Holiday Halls dawned a decidedly handmade and homespun attire. 

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