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Modern Colonial Entryway Reveal

Oh hi! This post is long overdue! 

Earlier this year Katy approached me about helping with her new home. She, with her husband Josh and their two young daughters, had recently relocated back to Omaha, purchasing and settling into their house just in time for the birth of their newest family members, twin girls! After a welcomed adjustment period, she was itching for the chance to tackle some projects and start making their house feel like home.

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It's the Little Things (V. I)

These days, motivation is a fickle friend. I find myself with more time on my hands than ever before, but the drive that once pushed and defined me seems more frequently found still languishing in bed, head under the pillow, pleading for "just 10 more minutes." Existential angst aside... I have, by way the fits-and-starts method, accomplished a few smaller projects over the past few months. And to corral this hodgepodge of accomplishments into the semblance of a cohesive post I've come up with the all encompassing (mildly unimaginative) moniker: It's the Little Things.

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This Year's Christmas Decor (AKA The Hot Pink Christmas Tree Farewell Tour)

After three years proudly displaying the hot prink Christmas tree I fortuitously snagged at Goodwill, I'm officially ready to declare 2016 its final year. We've had a good run, this flamboyant Christmas hedge and I. But Luke's initial pleasant indifference has since morphed into a seething hatred, with increasingly disparaging critiques lobbed at it (blinding! garish! nuclear!) each passing year. And while I don't share this animosity, I do get bored rather easily.  

Three years is enough.

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Before and After: Entry Final Reveal!

Yay! Today is the day! I love reveal days. Of course, if you follow me on social media you may already be familiar with the current status of my entry. I entered the Apartment Therapy Energize your Entryway Contest, and as a result, like a slimy politician, have been shamelessly (but really, head in hands, full of shame) filling your feeds with images and links and pleas for your vote.

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